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Volunteer Policy and Guidelines


The Library Board encourages individuals and groups to volunteer their time and efforts in the service of the Avalon Free Public Library and History Center. In appreciation of volunteer services, the Library acknowledges the need to organize volunteer activities and provide for appropriate recognition befitting the benefit to the library and the communities it serves.

Guidelines and Procedures


A volunteer should be considered as any individual, 16 years or older who assists with work at the Avalon Free Public Library and History Center  without  remuneration. Exceptions to the age requirement may be made by the Library Director in the context of an educational program.

A student intern shall be considered as a high school or college student who performs volunteer work or individual Boy/Girl Scouts working on advanced awards.

Selection of Volunteers

A volunteer application and interview must be completed before anyone can serve as a volunteer in the library and History Center. The selection of volunteers is based on the qualifications of the applicant and the needs of the library at any given time. While we appreciate every person who wishes to volunteer at the library, opportunities for volunteer work are limited. If there are no suitable volunteer opportunities, application forms will be kept on file for a period of two years. Applicants will be called if a project is identified which matches their interests or qualifications. 

The selection of volunteers is made regardless of age, gender, or race.

A criminal background check maybe required depending on the nature of the volunteer position being applied for.

Volunteers are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as a condition of employment.

Volunteer Service

• The library does not compensate volunteers for time worked, travel  time / mileage or  expenses incurred. The library will not make any volunteer assignment requiring out of pocket expenses.
•  The volunteer can be scheduled only when supervisor personnel are available.
• Volunteer service should be sufficient in scope and duration to justify to  the investment of staff time in training and managing volunteers.
• Volunteers are recognized by the public as representatives of the library. They are bound by all library policies.
• Volunteers work in the status of at-will employees. The library or the volunteer may at any time terminate the relationship. The library reserves the right to make changes in the nature of the volunteers assignment.
• Volunteers must wear an identification badge when working in the Library or History Center.
•  Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary and privileged information they may be exposed to while serving as a volunteer. Such information involves but is not limited to members of the staff, other volunteers, patrons, or overall business of the library. Failure to maintain confidentiality may result in immediate termination.
• Neither the Borough of Avalon nor the Avalon Free Public Library will provide any medical, health, accident or worker's compensation benefits for any volunteer. Volunteers will not be eligible to receive any worker's compensation benefits for any injuries sustained while functioning as a volunteer.

Leaving Volunteer Service

A volunteer selected for work on a special project will discontinue service when that project is completed or terminated, unless other arrangements have been made.
Whenever possible, the library will make an effort to reassign the volunteer. However, if no other mutually suitable volunteer position exists at the time, the volunteer will be asked to discontinue service and his or her application will be kept on file for two years, subject to review should a suitable position become available during that time.
In the event that a volunteer is unable to adequately perform the duties assigned to him or her, and no other appropriate positions are available, the volunteer may be removed from service.

Adopted July 10, 2008

Friday, March 23, 2018
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